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318 Water Street
Excelsior, MN 55331
Phone » 952-401-7902

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With a buzz worthy roster of the hippest bands you’ve never heard of, combined with the biggest sounds of the 318 Café are more typical of a cutting edge downtown hotspot than a cozy, 50- seat Excelsior listening room. That’s what makes it work, according to owner Matt O’Reilly. “if you spend the time booking legitimate bands, they’ll have a following anywhere they play,” O’Reilly says.”We’re not booking any differently than and good club downtown. If you offer good, credible music, people will come.

And people do come. Shows at the 318 often fill up weeks in advance making reservations necessary on most weekend nights.

Picture of 318 Cafe

The café boasts a mellow, family-friendly alternative to the rowdier downtown music scene but attracts a crowd intent on a close encounter with big talent. Patrons range from those who are serious about quality music to those who are serious about a chance to chat with their favorite local artist.

The unexpected sophistication of this tiny venue carries over to its simple but refined cuisine, inviting listeners to take in a show over tasteful made to order salads or elegant rustic pizzas. Between its carefully crafted menu, well-chosen wine list, and intimate musical performances, 318 Café is the kind of place that makes out-of-towners understand wholly why we choose to live on the lake.

Lake Minnetonka magazine

Picture of 318 Cafe Picture of 318 Cafe

Business Hours at 318 Cafe

Monday 8am - 9pm 
Tuesday 8am - 9pm 
Wednesday 8am - 9pm 
Thursday 8am - 9pm 
Friday 8am - 10pm 
Saturday 8am - 10pm 
Sunday 11am - 4pm 

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