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3301 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone » 612-781-3526

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ALM Corner CAFE is a concept being driven by the efforts of 3 partners putting their knowledge and hearts into this challenging project. Located on 33rd and Central in NE Minneapolis, ALM Corner Cafe presents the fusion of a traditional American cafe with Latin influences into its menu, offering the North East community and Minnesotans an original and heartwarming concept.

Our Mission: A commitment to sustainable practices, a passion for coffee, present the best of our Latin fusion to all our customers and cultivate a positive and friendly environment. Our mission isn't to simply create just another coffee shop, but the ultimate coffee shop - a community coffee place.

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ALM Corner Cafe menu has a great variety of options for everyone to enjoy. Typical Venezuelan Cachapas (Corn Pancakes stuffed with cheese), Molletes, French Poblanos and Flower Zucchini conforms ALM signature specialties. Fresh coffee brews, Smoothies, Original sandwich and salad combinations, pastries and house made bakery makes our corner one to never forget!

Join us today for an excellent and fresh coffee brew, have a bite of our original salad and sandwich creations, taste our in house bakery or simply to relax and enjoy. If you are in the search for a place just to relax and delight yourself with excellent coffee, come visit us today!

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Business Hours at ALM Corner Cafe

  Hours Full Menu
Monday 7am - 7pm  7am - 7pm 
Tuesday 7am - 7pm  7am - 7pm 
Wednesday 7am - 7pm  7am - 7pm 
Thursday 7am - 7pm 7am - 7pm 
Friday 7am - 7pm  7am - 7pm 
Saturday 7am - 7pm  7am - 7pm 
Sunday 8am - 3pm  8am - 3pm 

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