Aster Café in Minneapolis

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125 Main Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Phone » 612-379-3138

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Recently reopened by the team from Excelsior's 318, Aster manages to get a lot of mileage from it's charms. It's picturesque location in St. Anthony Main is certainly one of them. This is the place to squander a few hours dreaming of Paris with a bottle of fine Rhone Rouge ($39). And when the glasses of house red or white are only $4.75, How can you go wrong?

Picture of Aster Café

The former hole-in-the-wall coffee shop had a quiet and unassuming existence for 15 years before closing in April. In May however, new owners reopened the place with the ambition of turning it into a music haven.

Picture of Aster Café Picture of Aster Café

Business Hours at Aster Café

  Hours Full Menu Appetizers Only
Monday 8am - 12am  11am - 10pm  Until Close 
Tuesday 8am - 12am  11am - 10pm  Until Close 
Wednesday 8am - 12am  11am - 11pm  Until Close 
Thursday 8am - 12am 11am - 11pm  Until Close 
Friday 8am - 12am  11am - 11pm  Until Close 
Saturday 8am - 12am  8am - 11pm  Until Close 
Sunday 8am - 12am  8am - 10pm  Until Close 

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