Birdhouse on Hennepin in Minneapolis

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2516 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
Phone » 612-377-2213

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For years Heidi and I have dreamed of opening a restaurant that would provide healthy every day, and all day options for our entire family. One where we could sit down to a breakfast of gluten free wild rice pancakes, with a side of sausage, a place to meet friends for a juiced cucumber gin at happy hour, or a sautéed mushroom terrine with sauce soubise for dinner. With Birdhouse we have sought to create just such a dining option.

When we face facts, our current eating and agriculture practices are out of whack. We know that eating meat at these rates isn’t sustainable, heck we even know that eating red meat will shorten our lives. But it’s a meaningless fact if we don’t have options.

Picture of Birdhouse on Hennepin

We hope to be a small part of the “quality revolution” by offering delicious and sexy options that are also healthy, and more sustainable. By making grains and vegetables the star of the show, our culinary team, led by Chef Ben Mauk, represents one of the few times you’ll see a chef driven restaurant that strives to make rabbit food toe curlingly good.

Coming together with friends and loved ones at the table is one of life’s great joys, at Birdhouse you can also be assured that we are making choices that reflect responsible stewardship, both for our environment, and your everyday health.

Picture of Birdhouse on Hennepin Picture of Birdhouse on Hennepin

Business Hours at Birdhouse on Hennepin

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Monday 7am - 1am  7am - 1am 
Tuesday 7am - 1am  7am - 1am 
Wednesday 7am - 1am  7am - 1am 
Thursday 7am - 1am 7am - 1am 
Friday 7am - 1am  7am - 1am 
Saturday 7am - 1am  7am - 1am 
Sunday 7am - 1am  7am - 1am 

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