Dominguez Family Restaurant in Minneapolis

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3313 E. 50th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone » 612-724-8493

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Entering their third year, the Dominguez family offers a nice selection of traditional Mexican appetizers, entrees, tortas and combination plates at their informal restaurant. The menu features many family recipes and even has a section titled, "Especialidades de Mi Pueblo" (Specialties of My Town) with combinations of regional favorites.

Most dinners are served with the traditional sides of silky refried beans and rice, garnished with fresh guacamole and an excellent pico de gallo.

Picture of Dominguez Family Restaurant

Freshly made and warm tortilla chips and salsa fresca are served with the meals (heat lovers should ask for Constantina's signature avocado-tomatilla salsa verde). A children's menu includes the standard american fare and some nicely priced, mild Mexican features.

NENA's staff favorites are the chicken enchiladas in a tasty, mild verde sauce (they are not listed on the menu but worth asking for ), the traditional mexican-style beef tacos, the chipotle-sauced fish tacos, and the chicken Morelos Nachos appetizers. A limited selection of beer and wine is also available along with natural drinks, Jarrittos soda, and several hot and cold teas.


Picture of Dominguez Family Restaurant Picture of Dominguez Family Restaurant

Business Hours at Dominguez Family Restaurant

  Hours Full Menu
Monday 11am-9pm  11am-9pm 
Tuesday 11am-9pm  11am-9pm 
Wednesday 11am-9pm  11am-9pm 
Thursday 11am-9pm 11am-9pm 
Friday 11am-10pm  11am-10pm 
Saturday 11am-10pm  11am-10pm 
Sunday 11am-9pm  11am-9pm 

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