Golden Leaf LTD in Minneapolis

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3032 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone » 612-824-1867

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From the front, Golden Leaf Tobacco -off of Hennepin Ave and Lake St. in Uptown- does not look like just another tobacco store. Once inside, you will see everything that you need for all your tobacco wants and needs. With a wide selection of cigarettes, cigars, as well as pipe tobacco and all of the accessories, they have you covered on all fronts.

Picture of Golden Leaf LTD

Since it’s not a restaurant, you can enjoy your smoke inside their lounge, while taking in some of their big screen TV. They show college football during the season, and even play host to life music. If you smoke and need to kill some time, check out Golden Leaf Tobacco for not only what you need, but also for something to do, with some other folk who smoke.

Picture of Golden Leaf LTD Picture of Golden Leaf LTD

Business Hours at Golden Leaf LTD

Monday 10am - 10pm 
Tuesday 10am - 10pm 
Wednesday 10am - 10pm 
Thursday 10am - 10pm 
Friday 10am - 10pm 
Saturday 10am - 10pm 
Sunday 10am - 6pm 

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