Guayaquil Restaurant in Minneapolis

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1526 E. Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone » 612-722-2346
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Located at Lake and Bloomington, Guayaquil Restaurant serves up delicious Ecuadorian, Colombian, and Mexican food in a colorful friendly atmosphere. The menu varies from standard enchiladas, burritos, tamales, and chile rellenos; to exotic beef, goat, and seafood dishes served South American style. We tried the delicious Churrasco, which was a mix of peppers, onions, and rib eye serve with two eggs and avocado over rice with fries. Wash it down with fresh natural juice, bottled beer, wine or sangria.

Picture of Guayaquil Restaurant

At Guayaquil everything is prepared fresh daily and served in a clean, colorful family friendly manner. The traditional Ecuadorian and Colombian dishes are very tasty and not too spicy, although they provide fresh salsas on the side. Many come for their lunch special of soup, stew (beef, chicken, goat or tripe) and soda. They serve weekend breakfast and serve breakfast dishes all day long. On weekends they make up special dishes that will truly inspire you to come again. For a fun tasty trip south, try Guayaquil

Picture of Guayaquil Restaurant Picture of Guayaquil Restaurant

Business Hours at Guayaquil Restaurant

Monday 10am - 11pm 
Tuesday 10am - 11pm 
Wednesday 10am - 11pm 
Thursday 10am - 11pm 
Friday 10am - 11pm 
Saturday 9am - 11pm 
Sunday 9am - 11pm 

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