Hibachi Buffet in Minneapolis

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111 East Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone » 612-825-3099
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Yelp reviewer...Minneapolis, MN

This is a very large buffet with a lot of variety compared to other places.

I LOVE shrimp, and there were at least 5 shrimp dishes - and I'd say at least 10-12 seafood dishes total (not counting the crab legs). The crab legs were the best I have ever had at a buffet.

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The typical "chinese/japaneese" offerings are available, but with so many seafood choices I didn't even get that far. The "hibachi" is available - I've never had it (yup, not anywhere) but the set up sorta reminded me of mongolian BBQ.

My tab was less than $14 (for weeknight dinner). I think it's well worth the price if you enjoy this type of place.

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Business Hours at Hibachi Buffet

Monday 11am - 9:30pm 
Tuesday 11am - 9:30pm 
Wednesday 11am - 9:30pm 
Thursday 11am - 9:30pm 
Friday 11am - 10:30pm 
Saturday 11am - 10:30pm 
Sunday 11am - 9:30pm 

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