Joseph's Grill in St. Paul

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140 South Wabasha St.
St. Paul, MN 55107
Phone » 651-222-2435

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If you want to feed the family, Joseph’s in St. Paul caters to your needs with nightly food specials. Not only are the specials great, but also the rest of the food they have. The food is amazing, fresh, and is offered morning noon and night; you can get their lamb and egg for breakfast, and go back for some Twelve Pepper Salmon Steak for dinner, and catch a burger between the two.

Picture of Joseph's Grill

When feeding the family, you can enjoy their sizable outdoor patio, or just chill inside with the other folks that are sure to be there. The inside of Joseph’s is a family friendly, relaxed atmosphere, with a staff that knows their stuff, and who are as good at their job as the food is tasty. If you need to feed more than just one family, they offer banquet buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well a wide selection of hors dourves that complement the dinners, or are great on their own. Head on through Joseph’s if you have one or many families to feed and you won’t leave with a need.

Picture of Joseph's Grill Picture of Joseph's Grill

Business Hours at Joseph's Grill

  Hours Full Menu
Monday 6am - 10pm  6am - 10pm 
Tuesday 6am - 10pm  6am - 10pm 
Wednesday 6am - 10pm  6am - 10pm 
Thursday 6am - 10pm 6am - 10pm 
Friday 6am - 10pm  6am - 10pm 
Saturday 6am - 10pm  6am - 10pm 
Sunday 7am - 9pm  7am - 9pm 

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