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215 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Phone » 612-379-3018

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Imagine the smell of fresh baked bread, rows and rows of gourmet sausages, and imperial pastries sparkling in a glass case. For over fifty years Kramarczuk’s has represented the pinnacle of quality and taste in European foods, not only in the Twin Cities but also in the country, and it all started with a dream.
In the late 1940s, Wasyl Kramarczuk and his wife Anna traveled from their beloved Ukraine to the United States in hopes of achieving the American dream. After years of hard work, Kramarczuk’s was founded. Their idea of making the best possible products created the Kramarczuk’s which today, is considered a Minneapolis Landmark.

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The same high standards of quality and tradition Wasyl and Anna implemented years ago are still woven into every product we create at Kramarczuk’s. Every sausage, every loaf of bread, and every piroshky is still made by hand from scratch, with the finest and freshest ingredients.
Perhaps you fancy an authentic European meal, maybe you wish to bite into an incredibly flavorful and tasteful sausage, or maybe you would enjoy a fine European pastry. Whatever unique taste your palate desires, Kramarczuk’s will certainly satisfy it. Stop by today, and experience True European Flavors.

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Monday 8am - 6pm  8am - 6pm 
Tuesday 8am - 8pm  8am - 8pm 
Wednesday 8am - 8pm  8am - 8pm 
Thursday 8am - 8pm 8am - 8pm 
Friday 8am - 8pm  8am - 8pm 
Saturday 8am - 8pm  8am - 8pm 
Sunday 11am - 4pm  11am - 4pm 

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