Marina Grill & Deli in Minneapolis

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2424 University Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone » 612-788-0461

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Located on the corner of 24th Ave. and University in Northeast Minneapolis. Marina is a casual and welcoming restaurant where you will enjoy one of the best Buffet's in town. You will find a wonderful selection of Greek, American, and Mediterranean food selections for you too choose from.

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Marina also offers a full menu as well as several choices for children. You will also find a wide selection of items in Marina's coolers. You can stop in and enjoy an quality lunch or dinner and pick up any odds and ends that you may need. Milk, Orange Juice, Soda, etc...

You love the food, it's convenient for people with a busy lifestyle, and the staff is friendly.

Picture of Marina Grill & Deli Picture of Marina Grill & Deli

Business Hours at Marina Grill & Deli

  Hours Full Menu
Monday 9am - 10pm  9am - 10pm 
Tuesday 9am - 10pm  9am - 10pm 
Wednesday 9am - 10pm  9am - 10pm 
Thursday 9am - 10pm 9am - 10pm 
Friday 9am - 11pm  9am - 11pm 
Saturday 9am - 11pm  9am - 11pm 
Sunday 9am - 10pm  9am - 10pm 

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