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Minneapolis, MN 55401
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The PedalPub offers tours of different Twin Cities neighborhoods -- mostly bar tours, of course. While it looks like a bar and even has a spot for a keg, state law prohibits drinking on the PedalPub. Yes, while on private property with the owner’s approval. (Your driveway, your yard, while tailgating, restaurant/bar parking lots, campgrounds, etc.) While riding on the PedalPub in Minnesota! A change to Minnesota State Law effective May 16, 2008 allows passengers aboard the PedalPub to consume alcohol while aboard the PedalPub.

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They've never seen anything like this in America," said co-owner Al Boyce.

The people we passed on the street sure hadn't. Many even stopped their cars or got off their bikes to snap pictures on cell phones. We just waved, feeling like rock stars. But of course, the real star was the PedalPub.

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