Peter's Grill in Minneapolis

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114 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone » 612-333-1981

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Peter's Grill has been a Minneapolis institution for over 94 years! It is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the city! The restaurant has lived through many of the historical events that have shaped the United States, including the Great Depression, the second World War, and the fall of Communism.

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Although the times have changed, the Peter's Grill experience remains much the same. The original Peter (Atcas) instituted three key principles when the restaurant first opened in 1914: serve high-quality homemade food, provide large portions, and make the meals affordable. Together, these principles have turned Peter's Grill into a Minneapolis landmark and made dining at the restaurant a 'way of life' for its Twin Cities customers. These principles remain the driving force behind the restaurant's success today. So join us for a meal at Peter's Grill, and experience everything our restaurant has to offer.

Picture of Peter's Grill Picture of Peter's Grill

Business Hours at Peter's Grill

Monday 7am - 7.30pm 
Tuesday 7am - 7.30pm 
Wednesday 7am - 7.30pm 
Thursday 7am - 7.30pm 
Friday 7am - 7.30pm 
Saturday 8am - 2:45pm 
Sunday Closed 

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