Sushi Tango in Minneapolis

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3001 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone » 612-822-7787

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The food at Sushi Tango is fresh and well prepared... I can heartily recommend Tango Sushi to anyone looking for [a] dependable Japanese restaurant that prepares fresh and tasty sushi.

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Sushi chef Teng Thao knows what he is doing when it comes to buying fish and his skilled reputation from Origami and Café Della Vita Sushi Bar is well deserved.

- Chef Andrew, KMSP.TV

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Business Hours at Sushi Tango

  Hours Full Menu
Monday 5pm - 1am  5pm - 12am 
Tuesday 5pm - 1am  5pm - 12am 
Wednesday 5pm - 1am  5pm - 12am 
Thursday 12pm - 1am 12pm - 12am 
Friday 12pm - 1am  12pm - 12am 
Saturday 12pm - 1am  12pm - 12am 
Sunday 12pm - 1am  12pm - 12am 

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