Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis

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901 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone » 612-338-9550

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Historical Facts The building was built in 1886 and was specifically built to operate as a bar. It was owned by the Grain Belt and Minneapolis Brewing Company’s, at the time it was common practice for breweries to own neighborhood bars that would distributed their products.

After prohibition the bar was owned by Oscar Pierson until his passing, The bar was then operated by Oscar’s brother in-law Al Halverson, who ran the bar until Oscars son, Craig Pierson took over at the age of 21 which made him the youngest bar owner in Minnesota.

Picture of Whiskey Junction

In 1984 the bar was sold to Gary Mackenzie who began the music and blues tradition the Whiskey Junction is famous for. Some of the more notable musicians that have recorded here include: Johnny Lang, Lynwood slim, Doug Maynard, and “Big Walter Smith”. As well as a blues series called “Live at the Whiskey

Picture of Whiskey Junction Picture of Whiskey Junction

Business Hours at Whiskey Junction

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Monday 11am - Midnight  11am - Midnight 
Tuesday 10am - Midnight  10am - Midnight 
Wednesday 10am - Midnight  10am - Midnight 
Thursday 10am - Midnight 10am - Midnight 
Friday 10am - 2am  10am - 2am 
Saturday 10am - 2am  10am - 2am 
Sunday 10am - Midnight  10am - Midnight 

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