Artists' Grind in St. Paul

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2399 University Ave W
St. Paul, MN 55114
Phone » 651-641-1656
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The interior is large, open and airy like an artist’s studio. Art is the décor. Constantly changing and always interesting, the Artists’ Grind is a WiFi coffee house run by artists for those who love to be surrounded by art. Conveniently located midway between St. Paul and Minneapolis, near the U of M, the Artists’ Grind seamlessly matches great atmosphere (as a fine art gallery, hosting its own curated shows),

Picture of Artists' Grind

With the best coffee in the twin cities… all ‘fair-trade’, organic, and pure filtered. Choose from one of the largest selection of coffees available. The Artists’ Grind also features soothing bulk teas and boasts a menu selection as satisfying and diverse as the art on the walls. Try the seasonal soups, thick and heavy in winter, hot and/or cold soups in summer… with or without you’re your favorite sandwich, or try one of the five delicious tamale varieties. Come in, browse the internet, or just relax… The Artists’ Grind accepts checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Picture of Artists' Grind Picture of Artists' Grind

Business Hours at Artists' Grind

  Hours Full Menu Appetizers Only
Monday 7am-7pm  10am-7pm 
Tuesday 7am-7pm  10am-7pm 
Wednesday 7am-7pm  10am-7pm 
Thursday 7am-7pm 10am-7pm 
Friday 7am-7pm  10am-7pm 
Saturday 8am-2pm  8am-2pm 
Sunday Closed  Closed  Closed 

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