American Pie Pizza in Minnetonka

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11056 Cedar Lake Road
Minnetonka, MN 55305
Phone » 952-546-5995

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I LOVE American Pie. For one, they are always open. Two, they always deliver my pizza promptly so I can feed my belly. I have never tried any of the menu items besides pizza (with exception of their delicious cheese curds) but the pizza speaks for itself. Lots of cheese, great toppings good sauce.

Picture of American Pie Pizza

My personal favorite is the gourmet. It is a little different from traditional pizza but it is simply divine! American pie has many different unique styles of pizza such as the Ruben, the 494 and the Philly. All of them are awesome there standard pizzas are also quite delicious.

Picture of American Pie Pizza Picture of American Pie Pizza

Business Hours at American Pie Pizza

Monday 10am - 2pm 
Tuesday 10am - 2pm 
Wednesday 10am - 2pm 
Thursday 10am - 2pm 
Friday 10am - 3:30pm 
Saturday 10am - 3:30pm 
Sunday 10am - 2pm 

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