Blue Door Pub in St. Paul

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1811 Selby Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104
Phone » 651-493-1865

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Among other pub fare, the Blue Door Pub serves Juicy Blucys. Here's how they describe them: "Our twist on a culinary and cultural phenomenon! We pay homage to our brethren across the River with an incredible line-up of original Juicys - a Twin Cities favorite burger in which the cheese is stuffed inside the fresh ground beef patty."

Picture of Blue Door Pub

It's also worth mentioning that they serve some decent beer, Spam bites (Spam, cream cheese, and pickle breaded and deep fried), a Jiffy burger (a burger topped with peanut butter, pepper jack, and bacon), and deep fried pickle spears. They also offer veggie burgers and grilled cheese - for the veg heads out there.

Picture of Blue Door Pub Picture of Blue Door Pub

Business Hours at Blue Door Pub

  Hours Full Menu
Monday 11am - 1am  11am - Midnight 
Tuesday 11am - 1am  11am - Midnight 
Wednesday 11am - 1am  11am - Midnight 
Thursday 11am - 1am 11am - Midnight 
Friday 11am - 1am  11am - Midnight 
Saturday 11am - 1am  11am - Midnight 
Sunday 11am - 1am  11am - Midnight 

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