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Bethel, MN 55055
Phone » 763-434-5226

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Located in Bethel, north up Hwy 65, The Hydrant is the newest hot spot and fun and friendly for the young and the old. we like to think of our selves as like the island of misfit toys, we have no specific social group. We welcome one and all; from sports fans to bikers to intellectuals. We are constantly having new and unique events like art shows, sportsmen cook-offs, bar Olympics ect.

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We also love hosting birthday parties and try really hard to make them special for the individuals. We offer free space to do benefits. We also have an amazing stage, and we utilize it well with open jams, bands, and a soft acoustic sets. We also never close early... NEVER! We are always open till one!

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Business Hours at Hydrant, The

Monday 11:30am - 1am 
Tuesday 11:30am - 1am 
Wednesday 11:30am - 1am 
Thursday 11:30am - 1am 
Friday 11:30am - 1am 
Saturday 11am - 1am 
Sunday 11am - 1am 

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