Pho Tau Bay in Minneapolis

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2837 Nicollet Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone » 612-874-6030

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Head to Pho Tau Bay on Eat Streat to experience on of the signature dishes of Vietnamese Cuisine, Pho. Prounounced ‘fa’, this place has many varieties available from the traditional rice noodles in beef broth with various beef cuts thinly sliced on top. (Traditionally, the meat is placed on top and cooked by pouring the hot broth over it into the bowl.) The more adventurous eater may order bowls with tripe, or you can try the seafood variety.

Picture of Pho Tau Bay

Don’t be surprised at the size of the bowl of soup presented to you. We’re talking BOWL here. Try the garnishes that are served seperately to customize your meal. Add bean sprouts, lime juice and sauces (Hoisin, Sriracha, or fish sauce) to taste or use the bean sprouts to cleanse your palette before dessert.

Pho Tau Bay offers dinner and lunch specials daily. other Vietnamese dishes and has a wide selection of desserts to sample. With a Vietnamese coffee, served hot or iced but always sweet and robust, you can end your meal with style and flavor then walk to your car in the ample free parking. Don’t plan your visit on a Monday as they are closed, but do plan a meal there soon!

Picture of Pho Tau Bay Picture of Pho Tau Bay

Business Hours at Pho Tau Bay

Monday Closed 
Tuesday 10am - 8:30pm 
Wednesday 10am - 8:30pm 
Thursday 10am - 8:30pm 
Friday 10am - 8:30pm 
Saturday 10am - 8:30pm 
Sunday 10am - 8pm 

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