The Oilerie in Maple Grove

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13551 Grove Drive
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Phone » 763-657-0857

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It's a small shop and you can go in and sample all of their oils and Balsamics before purchasing - they're all in stainless steel tanks with spouts and little paper sampling cups sit next to the tanks. There must have been at least six Balsamics (besides the two I bought, I recall a blackberry and an apple), and about 20 olive oils (evoo, garlic, chili pepper, sun dried tomato, cinnamon, etc). When you want one of the oils/Balsamics, they actually bottle them up for you!

Picture of The Oilerie

The also had a really tasty BBQ sauce on the shelf, seasoning to mix with the oils for bread dipping, BIG jars of Olive Salad, more types of stuffed olives than you can imagine, beans, salts, and more!! The shop was very clean and had a welcoming environment. The people working there were incredibly friendly!

Picture of The Oilerie Picture of The Oilerie

Business Hours at The Oilerie

Monday 10am - 7pm 
Tuesday 10am - 7pm 
Wednesday 10am - 7pm 
Thursday 10am - 7pm 
Friday 10am - 7pm 
Saturday 10am - 7pm 
Sunday 10am - 7pm 

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